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It’s time for a little splurge!

December 30, 2008

Here is the link for a special New Years Day Michaels coupon. It is a 20% off entire regular price purchase coupon that can only be used on January 1st. Please enjoy!



Kick off the new year just right!

December 30, 2008

For all of you newbie scrappers out there, I have compiled a “Beginners Kit” that contains all of the must-have tools and supplies every scrapper needs to get started. Of course this list will contain only the most affordable products, because trust me scrapping can get expensive!

Must Have Tools:

1. Photo Safe Adhesives (archival quality only)

2. Pigment Pens and Markers

3. Small sharp scissors

4. Paper Trimmer

5. Solid Colored Cardstock (sizes 12×12 and 8 1/2×11)

6. Patterned Paper (of your choice)

7. Embellishments (stickers, rub-ons, brads, flowers, ribbons, etc;)

8. Scrapbook Album


Optional Goodies:

1. Ink Pad

2. Chipboard Letters and Cutouts

3. Craft Knife

4. Cutting Mat

5. Punches

6. Paints and Chalks

7. Decorative Scissors

8. Stamps

These basic tools and supplies should be enough to get you started, but are only a few of the many wonderful products that scrapping has to offer. All of these items can be found at your local Walmart, Michaels, Target, or Jo-Anne Fabrics store. (Helpful Hint: Register your e-mail and personal information on the Michaels and Jo-Anne Fabrics websites and recieve free monthly coupons.)

 Once you have you’ve compiled your “Beginners Kit” it is time to get organized. Gather together all of your photos and separate them into several piles according to the event and time in which they took place. Once you have completed this step jot down as many notes as possible about each of your photos. This can be completed in several ways.

Create a photo log using a simple word document which contains the date, location, and theme (birthday, anniversary, celebrations, holidays, seasons, and/or vacation) of the event that is taking  place in each of your pictures. List all of the names of the people in the picture and explain what is going on as best as possible. If you prefer a more simple solution I suggest using sticky notes or index cards to jot down this info.

Once you have compiled all of this information and your photos have been sorted into chronological piles, find an archival-quality (acid and lignin-free) photo storage container to put all of your photos. (Helpful Hint: If you decide to use a plastic storage device only use plastic containers that are specially labeled for photo storage.) Separate them with an index card listed in a way that you prefer: whether it be by the year, month, theme or event.


Now that you’re ready to scrap, it’s time to get that creative energy flowing. Create a scrapbook journal/idea book that contains sample page layouts, titles, color combinations, quotes, magazine clippings, and any other forms of inspiration. Map out  and sketch your layouts before you begin scrapping, this will save you lots of energy and give you more quality scrapping time! Writing, drafting, and doodling in your journal is simple and fun. The best part is it can be done during a lunch break, while your kids are napping, or when you have a little free time.

Constantly search for ideas, techniques, and products in magazines, blogs, and websites; this will allow your creativity to expand and grow. (Helpful Hint: Instead of purchasing the latest scrapping books, I check them out from the public library for free!)  Once you begin this process you will find that your scrapping time will be more efficient and productive.

Follow the “Beginner Kit” and you’ll be on your way to becoming a frequent scrapper! Good luck and good scrapping!!!

“Scrapbook King”

December 27, 2008

img_06241I was delighted this Christmas when my husband surprised me with a very special gift. For the very first time in his life he completed a scrapbook page (a pretty impressive one too for a first-timer)! He tried his very hardest to incorporate all of the techniques and styles that I enjoy most, such as: inking, stamping, using eyelets, sewing, and of course buttons! It was the cutest thing. It reminded me of why I got into scrapbooking and the meaning behind the memories. But what made it so special was what he wrote…

“My love, I am your scrappin’ king and with you as my scrappin’ queen, we will rule the lands of scrapping with justice and good favor. I look forward to the times we will spend exploring the lands and keeping colorful order. I love you with all of my heart and support you in everything and anything you do (no matter how many shapes, colors, and embellishments it has). As your king, I support you in any quest you take and will promise not only to take those quests with you, but to make them more fun at that! Onward, to scrapbooking VICTORY! Your Froggy King, Sir Leonard O.”

First step in scrapbook victory: find your scrapbook king and make sure he supports you in your scrapbook victories. (Trust me, it makes scrapbooking much more enjoyable and completely rewarding.)

Second step: find your inner scrapbook queen and let her ideas and inspirations run wild.

Third step: conquer the lands of scrapbooking and make them your own. Be daring, take risks, and never be afraid to try new things.

Soon enough, you’ll be on your way to scrapbook victory!

…these are a few of my favorite things.

December 26, 2008

1. Cutter Bee Detail Scissors

2. Cutter Bee X-acto knife (with refill blades)

3. K & Company 8.5″x11″ Scrapbook

4. $25 Target Gift Card

5. Colorbok Chipboard letters, rub-ons, stickers, and vellum phrases

6. $50 Jo-Anne Fabrics Gift Card

7. 4-Drawer Storage Cube

8. Multi-function Organizer

9. Ribbon and Accessories Organizer

10. Fiskars Deluxe Portable Trimmer

11. K & Company Contemporary Paper Stack (150 sheets)

12. Perfect Pages Scrapbook Page Kit “Family” Theme

13. Fiskars Corner Round Punch

14. Me & My Big Ideas Designer Sheets Value Pack

15. Making Memories Desktop Carousel

16. K & Company 12″x12″ Scrapbook

These are only a few of my favorite things from this Christmas. I guess you could say that Christmas was very rewarding for me this year. I was blessed with not just a few scrapbooking gifts, but many! As my husband says, I am now the “Scrapbooking Queen”. I am pretty sure I have enough supplies to last me a few months (hopefully) and enough storage to finally get my things organized in our tiny little place. It is now official: Lenny’s previous desk  and office space will now be turned into a full-fledged scrapbook design studio for me and my obsession with scrapbooking has now turned into an addiction that has taken over every aspect of my life (and every crevice of our already small house).

So now that I have a brand new collection of scrapbooking goodies (and a brand new list of favorite things) I figured this would be the best time to type my first post in my brand new blog. What better way to start of this upcoming new year than with a blog about something I’m completely in love with.

So here it goes…

This blog is meant to be a great source for the best scrapbooking tips, topics, techniques, and ideas all focused on how to keep your scrapbooking projects “chich, yet cheap”. I will be compiling a constant stream of information on all of the latest trends and then provide you with the steps on how to complete these fads on your layouts without burning a hole in your pocket.

Of course, I will also blog about scrapbooking in general and the ways in which it consumes my everyday life. But most importantly, my goal is to figure out the best ways to keep scrapbooking affordable for the everyday scrapper. I know how hard it can be when you want the best materials from the best designers, the latest papers, or the newest tools and you just can’t afford them, but I also know how rewarding it feels when you are able to create something amazing out of the supplies you already own. I hope this blog gives you some hope that scrapbooking can still be fun and amazing no matter how big or how small your budget is.

Trust me, if I can do it, so can you!