Original Beauty






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4 Responses to “Original Beauty”

  1. Zury Says:

    Hey Kat 🙂 I love all of your work but wanted to ask you how did you get the edges to look burnt/aged/old? let me know. thanks.

    • katscraps Says:

      I used something called distressed ink, but it can be done basically with any ink pad. You just gently rub it along the edges of your paper and it gives it a really nice rustic look. I’m completely obsessed with distress ink!

  2. Zury Says:

    oo nice. never heard of it. where can i get that? does michaels have that?

    • katscraps Says:

      I love it! I have a few in several colors. They’re really good for giving projects an antique look. And of course they sell them at Michael’s (they have eeeeeverything). 🙂 They also sell them at Jo-Anne Fabrics, which is where I bought mine, just because they were cheaper there (and I had a coupon). 🙂
      Here is a picture of what they look like:

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