Scrap your <3 out!

Guess what?! The first Saturday in May (May 2nd) is National Scrapbooking Day! In honor of this very monumental occasion I have created a list of fun scrap activities to do with family, friends, or all by your lonesome…

1. Shop at your local scrapbook store. Privately owned scrapbook stores depend on our business to stay open so support your fellow scrappers and buy some new materials!

2. Host a crop at your house. Invite all of your friends over for a fun-filled day of scrapping, laughing, and fun.

3. Join online crops and crop from the comfort of your own home while staying connected to other scrappers all over the world!

4. Look for updates on your favorite scrapbooking sites. Most sites have special sales or giveaways just for this special day. A few of my favs are: and

5. Teach a friend or family member how to scrapbook. What better way to celebrate than to share your passion with others?

Whatever you do and however you celebrate make sure to enjoy every minute. Happy Scrapping!


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One Response to “Scrap your <3 out!”

  1. Stephanie Diago Says:

    I have soo much to scrapbook and so little time. Help!

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