a little something i like to call…digibooking.

I recently became obsessed with a little something I like to call digibooking, better known as digital scrapbooking.

I’m not really all that fantastic with computers, especially when it comes to intense and time consuming programs, but once I laid my eyes on some of the innovative and creative things can be accomplished through digital scrapbooking I quickly fell into the trap.

After researching what felt like a million digibooking websites I finally feel comfortable saying that maybe digibooking won’t be so complicating after all. This doesn’t mean that I’m gonna be a digibooking master anytime soon, but I honestly think that I’ll be able to at least start designing some cute projects. But first I need to set some goals:

Goal 1: Create a new digibooking blog header and link icons by the end of next week! (For this I will need the assistance of two very special men in my life, Leonard–he does all the technical explaining and Gimp–a program much like photoshop just not as complex.)

Goal 2: Complete at least one digibooking layout, possibly without the help of Leonard, by the end of May!

Goal 3: Figure out the basics of digibooking and become a digibooking MASTER (hopefully sometime before the end of my lifetime, but more realistically by the end of June).

I have set my sights high and I pray that I will be able to accomplish them accordingly. But just because I’m a slow-poke doesn’t mean you have to be one too. Here are some great links to get you started on your digibooking adventure! Most of these sites have pages where you can download digital scrapbooking kits for FREE!

Shappy Princess http://www.shabbyprincess.com/

Two Peas in a Bucket http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/shop/digital-kits/kit-price-free/?source=NL20090505

Fish Scraps http://www.fishscrap.com

Simply Sweet http://www.simplysweetdesignkits.blogspot.com

DigiFree http://www.digifree.blogspot.com



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