New Motivation

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. 

I want so badly for my site and business to be a success, but it is proving to be a lot harder than I thought. I seem to be juggling what feels like a million things right now. Although I do not have a full-time job at the moment being a wife and personal assistant does take its toll on me. 

I finally have some “me time”, but I still feel as though I have gotten nothing accomplished. 

I know a couple posts back I set some “digibooking goals”, but I’m beginning to realize that maybe those goals were too specific and I need to set a broader set of goals to help stay focused. So here it goes…

My new scrapfordable goals:

1. Work on my site much much more. I love my site, but that doesn’t matter because you guys are my target audience. I’m here to appeal to you and therefore I need to start focusing a lot more of my efforts on making my site and business more appealing to you. Help me achieve this goal by sending me comments or e-mails of what you would like to see more of on this site. Maybe you hate to read my antics, but love pictures! Or maybe you want to see more projects and get in depth instructions on how to create the projects at home. Whatever it is that appeals to you, I want to hear about it. 

2. Get my business up and running. I need to finish all of my unfinished projects and put them on my etsy shop. This will allow me to showcase my passion as well as give you the opportunity to purchase cute gifts at a scrapfordable price! 

3. Last but not least I need to stay focused. I need to realize that although this is “business” it’s not a rule that it has to be dreadful. I need to remember that scrapbooking isn’t a contest and I sure won’t win a prize in the end so I just need to stay focused on the reasons I fell in love with scrapbooking to begin with and use that as my driving force. 

Hopefully you guys will see a progression in me soon enough and business will shoot through the roof. If not…I can always keep dreaming!


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