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…and the countdown begins!

July 26, 2009

Our big move to Wake Forest, North Carolina takes place in exactly five days! (Crazy, I know!)

Although I am ecstatic to move into our very first “real home” and start grad school, the whole move is rather bitter sweet.

On one hand I am excited that God has blessed us with the opportunity to move to a new place and start a new chapter in our lives, but on the other hand I’m a nervous wreck because this will be the first time that I’ve ever lived away from my family.

Things sure are going to be different, but I’m definitely trying to look on the bright side of things. Although I”m almost positive that I will suffer from some sort of separation anxiety I know that God is going take care of us throughout all of our triumphs and struggles.

So regardless of whether or not I’m scared out of my mind, North Carolina will have to be ready for the Goenaga’s…because we’re on our way!  

Here are some pictures from our last visit to Wake Forest in November of 2008. It’s thrilling to think that I’ll be living here in less than a week! 


Wanna Save a Buck?

July 22, 2009

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when on the hunt for great scrapbook deals: 

1) If you haven’t already signed up for the Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michael’s e-mail newsletters do it right now! Not only will you receive tons of cool ideas and tips, but you will also receive bi-weekly coupons!

2) If you haven’t already signed up in the store to receive coupons do that right now too! Signing up both in the store and online allows you to receive twice the amount of coupons you would normally receive by just signing up one way, which means double the deals!

3) Last but not least if you didn’t already know: both Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabrics accept competitors coupons, so if you run out of Michael’s coupons just use one of your Jo-Ann’s and vice versa.

These tips may seem silly, but trust me they help to save you some money in the end. And more money means more supplies!! So happy scrapping!

Why I Love the MDPLS Reason # 3:

July 22, 2009

If you didn’t already know, I am proud to tell you that I am completely obsessed with the Miami Dade Public Library System. Not only can I check out all of my favorite books and movies for free I can also use their wireless internet for free (reasons 1 and 2 of why I love the mdpls), but just when I thought the library couldn’t get any better I found out that they have an Adult Scrapbooking Club that is also, yet again, free! 

Once a month anyone from the community who is interested in coming to a free crop and idea share can sign up to join fellow scrappers at any participating Miami-Dade library. I consider it a blessing from God that I just happened to scan their schedule of events about two weeks ago and signed up both myself and my husband for this fantabulous scrap adventure! 

Not only did I finally get some quality scrap time, I also shared some great ideas with fellow scrappers and received a bunch of neat ideas in return. To say that I had a great time would be an understatement. I am so glad that I had a chance to attend the club, but am devastated that it was my first and last time, considering that we make our big move to North Carolina in just 10 days

Thankfully my husband took a few pictures so that I can remember this very special day. Good luck ladies with all of your scrap endeavors! 

For more information on events in a Miami-Dade Public Library near you check out their events page to find more Adult Scrapbooking Clubs, as well as many more free events and programs offered to children, teens, and adults.

Scrapbook Steals!

July 17, 2009

My older sister Erica purchased a beautiful K&Company 12×12 scrapbook album for me for my birthday this June. I absolutely loved the album, but figured that I could probably get a lot more materials for the money she spent on just the album alone so I returned it back to Michael’s to see what I could get with $16.25 I received in credit. 

Within minutes of being in the store my husband managed to find the scrapbook clearance section (in hopes of speeding up the shopping process, taking into consideration the fact that I am an incredibly slow shopper). I walked over to the aisle thinking that it was going to be the same old outdated materials I’ve seen time and time again, but to my surprise I managed to nab all of this: 

This is a summary of my receipt: 
8×8 paper tablet: $1.99
Rub-ons: $0.97
Chipboard letters: $1.97
Gemstones: $1.47
Fancystix flowers: $0.97 each
Round Pebbles: $1.47
Heart Pebbles: $1.47
Luxury Ribbons: $1.97

Other items not pictured:
foam brush set: $1.99
Travel 12×12 sheet: $0.59

Total (with tax): $16.73

With my credit from the album I literally paid change! If this isn’t a scrapbook steal, then I don’t know what is!


July 11, 2009

Ss Tag I couldn’t send Steph’s birthday frame alone so I made this tag to go with it (although my husband is convinced that it is merely a fancy bookmark). I used most of the same materials that I used to make the frame so that they would match.I am completely obsessed with the K&Company stamps my sister bought be for my birthday so I couldn’t resist using the butterfly stamps yet again on this tag. I made the butterflies 3D so that they popped off the page, to give it some added dimension.

There are so many little details that went into making this tag, but they are difficult to see in a measly photo (especially one taken with my iphone). But nonetheless I think it turned out to be rather beautiful, but then again I’m probably not my best critic. Please let me know what you think about this tag at the end of this post by completing a quick and easy poll.

From left to right: (Left) This is a picture of both the tag and the frame that were made as a birthday for my friend Stephanie. (Middle) This is a close-up picture of the butterflies I made in 3D to give the tag an extra “pop”. (Right) This was the finished product of Steph’s gift. I picked matching wrapping paper and a cute little flower embellishment to make it girly and cutesy!

du Jour!

July 8, 2009

I created this frame for one of my best friends birthdays. Although I was tempted to make it in my fav colors, I was able to control myself and complete it in the colors of her wedding.

When searching for the perfect wording to place on the frame I came across this sticker: “du Jour”. I knew the words waere obviously French, but I didn’t know what they meant so I called my husband and asked him to look it up for me and this is what he came up with: “made for a particular day”.

Although it doesn’t have any profound meaning this gift was indeed made for a particular day (Steph’s birthday) and it focuses on a very special day in her life (her wedding day). So I think it fits just fine, plus it looks really pretty, which is the real reason I ended up using it as the main focus. 

I hope you like it Mrs. Saavedra and HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your friends in Miami! 

du Jour! Detailed Close-Ups: 

du Jour! Detail 1

du Jour! Detail 2

Materials: wooden frame (Michael’s); patterned paper (K&Company); floral embellishment (Prima Marketing Inc.); sticker letters (American Crafts); swirl stamp (Autumn Leaves); butterfly stamps (K&Company); brad (Making Memories); ink (Jo-Ann Craft Essentials); paint (Apple Barrel); ribbon (Basic Basic);  

My husband says that this is his favorite frame that I have made thus far, but I get the feeling that his judgements are biased (considering that he’s totally in love with me and all). So you be the judge…what do you think?

Cut the Clutter

July 8, 2009

Just when I thought I had come up with some of the best ideas for scrapbook storage I was surprised to find this on the internet. Better Homes and Gardens has an entire page dedicated to scrapbook storage. So just like I promised I will be posting more fun and unique ways to store and organize your scrapbook materials and supplies, courtesy of BHG. 

Here are some of my favorite tips: 

1. Use a rolodex to store your chipboard letter stencils in alphabetical order. This way you can always find the letter you need and you’ll be able to pick which style you prefer fast and easy. 

2. Store all of your unmounted stamps in a binder. Place them into clear page protectors and organize them by category for easy reference. 
Stamp Binder

3. Show off your stamp collection by displaying them on small shelves.  
Stamp Collection

4. Purchase a spice rack  with plastic or glass containers and use the containers to hold your tiniest embellishments like buttons, eyelets, brads, and flowers.
Spice Rack with Containers

5. Store all of your paints on a Lazy Susan for easy access.
Lazy Susan

6. Another stamp storage option is to use a wall louver  to keep all of your mounted stamps within reach and on display.
Wall Louver

7. Use an old mug tree to store your journaling pens, scissors, and more. 
Mug TreeThese are only a few of the ideas that the Better Homes and Gardens website offers. There were so many more unique ideas, but I just wanted to showcase a few. For more info check out their website and also stay tuned because I will continue to post new ideas as the week continues! Until then…happy scrapping!

Scrap Out the Mess!

July 8, 2009

Do you have a whole lot of scrapbook materials that you never seem to get use of? Are you never able to find just the right paper that you’re looking for? Do you often purchase more than one of the same item because you forgot you had it buried somewhere at home? Well to help cut out the clutter, I have a few unique solutions to help make your scrap-space more organized and efficient! 

When I got into hardcore scrapbooking I dealt with all of these issues several times a week! It was often hard for me to find just the right paper or embellishment amidst a pile of materials scattered across a tiny table. It wasn’t until I became organizationally aware of my space that I began to use it to the best of my ability and my scrap-time became more productive. 

This is a picture of me in my current space. It is tiny and cluttered, but for all it’s worth it has made me much more scrap efficient. Once we move to North Carolina at the end of this month I will have an entire room dedicated just to scrapbooking, which will allow me to utilize my space much better, but for now I love my little space.  

Me in my tiny, yet awesome scrap space!

Here are a few solutions to help “Scrap Out the Mess”: 

-Organize all of your paper by colors (solid and patterned) and then place them into accordion file folders. I purchased 8×10 accordions from Target years ago and they only cost me $2 each on sale! My mother managed to find me a 12×12 accordion from a garage sale for only $1. Maybe you won’t be able to find them for these exact prices, but search around and you’ll be surprised how cheap you can buy them for.

 Accordion Folder Side View Accordion Folder Top View






-Organize all of your embellishments by theme (birthday, holiday, baby, wedding, floral, etc). For a cheap alternative to the “Clip it Up” you can purchase colorful pencil cases and organize your embellishments by themes, even colors. I purchased miniature wicker baskets in black from IKEA and added decorative ribbons in pink (to match my scrap space) and use them to store some of my most recently purchased embellishments so that I can always have them in sight. 

 Black Wicker Baskets for Embellishments Tin Case for Pictures and Plastic Container for Stamps






-Recycle your pasta sauce jars and tin cans to keep small embellishments from getting lost. Wash and decorate them to add some personal flair to your scrap space. I keep all of my floral embellishments in tiny glass jars that I purchased from IKEA (five for only $5). I leave them out on display for easy access and for pure decoration. 
Glass Jars for Floral Embellishments Prima Floral Embellishment Jars  






-Use a paper towel roll holder to store and organize ribbon spools. For scattered ribbons pieces, get popsicle sticks and wrap your leftovers around them.

-Use tackle boxes to store your tiniest embellishments, such as brads, eyelets, and buttons. The clear plastic ones are great because you can always see what you have without having to open it up!

Clear Tackle Box for Buttons and Tiny Ribbon Spools  Gray Tackle Box for Eyelets & Brads





-Use a bulletin or magnetic board to keep your most recent layouts and ideas on display at all times. When you get a new embellishment that you absolutely love, stick it up in plain view to keep you inspired and motivated. 

My Idea/Inspiration Board






-Use small colorful plastic cups to hold journaling pens, scissors, and glue sticks. When I began organizing all of my materials I used cute little black and white cups that I purchased for about 50 cents from Target. Now that I have a larger space and many more materials I have upgraded to the Making Memories Desktop Carousel, which was much more pricey, but completely worth every penny! 

Making Memories Desktop Carousel


Making Memories Desktop Carousel Top View






These are only a few of the many organizational tips that you can use to “Scrap Out the Mess” in your scrap space. If you have any questions on how to utilize a small space or even a larger space please leave a comment at the end of this post. If you have additional ideas on how to make your scrap space more efficient please leave a comment too! Throughout the next two months I hope to add more and more organizational tips to my blog as I transition into my new and improved space. 

What are you waiting for? Get to work and start scrapping the mess!

Basking in My Independence!

July 5, 2009

4th of July! 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

July 3, 2009

Back in May my friend Kristel celebrated her 24th birthday and I made her a cute little frame (in my fav colors of course) as a gift. I loved it so much that I almost didn’t want to part with it. Thankfully I was able to loosen up my dino-grip off of the gift long enough to package it up, address it, and mail it out, but of course I had to commemorate the occasion. Therefore I created this little comic strip that I cleverly named “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”. Although I no longer get to look at the frame, at least Kristel gets to put it to good use! 

Happy two months after your birthday Kristel! 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!