Obsessed Much?

I’m not too sure, but I think I may have gone overboard with my obsession with the color scheme of my Summer line “Sassy Scraps” (and my soon to be scraproom): pink, black and white. It seems like everywhere I go I somehow run into these three colors, which is completely coincidental, because it’s not everyday that you see those three colors together literally everywhere you go!

Express came out with a new line of clothes that incorporates my sassy color scheme. We just happened to see it when we were celebrating our 3rd honeymoon on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Our last stop before heading home was Key West and as we were walking down Duval we passed an Express and to my amazement I found three mannequins right in front wearing my fav colors. (I just happened to be wearing my fav colors too.) 

Forever 21 had maaany clothing options in my favorite colors and I managed to grab a cute floral dress, with matching black flower pin, and tights to wear as my  birthday attire. I probably tried on about 30 different pieces of clothing that day and I would say about 3/4 of them were in either black, pink, or white, or some combination of the three.

Old Navy had an entire wall dedicated to my three favs! Thankfully I was given an Old Navy gift card for my birthday (courtesy of Daylix) and I was able to splurge on a cute hot pink dress and black tank top, but yet again I went into the fitting room with my arms full of my favs. 

Last, but not least at Target (my black, pink and white haven) I found this amazing Franklin Covey planner that had a zebra print cover and pink lining! And it matches my hot pink macbook cover perfectly!

Am I obsessed, or what? Maybe I’ve just been lucky to run into all of these amazing products in my “Sassy Scraps” colors. Lucky or not, I’m excited to expand my line and am thankful that all of these amazing things have only increased my love for my work! 

Until next time…happy sassy scrapping everyone!


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4 Responses to “Obsessed Much?”

  1. Stephanie Saavedra Says:

    OMG! I just made an anniversary gift for my mom and it’s your favorite colors! the mug is black and white stripes and it has pink daisies in it. I made it with inspiration from an example from a florists website. I’ll post it on facebook so you can see. 🙂

    • katscraps Says:

      That is awesome! I would love to see it and maybe even put it on a blog post. It sounds amazing!! I can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Okay it’s up in my new facebook album. I spent 89 cents on the mug at target and the flowers i bought at walmart for like 3-4 bucks and then I already had pink ribbon among my scrapbooking things.

    • katscraps Says:

      I absolutely LOVE it! It was so super cute. I’m gonna try and post it to my blog tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!!! 🙂

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