du Jour!

I created this frame for one of my best friends birthdays. Although I was tempted to make it in my fav colors, I was able to control myself and complete it in the colors of her wedding.

When searching for the perfect wording to place on the frame I came across this sticker: “du Jour”. I knew the words waere obviously French, but I didn’t know what they meant so I called my husband and asked him to look it up for me and this is what he came up with: “made for a particular day”.

Although it doesn’t have any profound meaning this gift was indeed made for a particular day (Steph’s birthday) and it focuses on a very special day in her life (her wedding day). So I think it fits just fine, plus it looks really pretty, which is the real reason I ended up using it as the main focus. 

I hope you like it Mrs. Saavedra and HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your friends in Miami! 

du Jour! Detailed Close-Ups: 

du Jour! Detail 1

du Jour! Detail 2

Materials: wooden frame (Michael’s); patterned paper (K&Company); floral embellishment (Prima Marketing Inc.); sticker letters (American Crafts); swirl stamp (Autumn Leaves); butterfly stamps (K&Company); brad (Making Memories); ink (Jo-Ann Craft Essentials); paint (Apple Barrel); ribbon (Basic Basic);  

My husband says that this is his favorite frame that I have made thus far, but I get the feeling that his judgements are biased (considering that he’s totally in love with me and all). So you be the judge…what do you think?

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10 Responses to “du Jour!”

  1. Kristel Says:

    Have you ever seen Dumb and Dumber??? lol.
    Don’t you remember when they’re eating in the diner and he asks the waitress, “What’s the soup du jour?” And she says, “It’s the soup of the day.” And he says, “Mmm, that sounds great, I’ll have that.”
    Ohhhh…okay, it’s not THAT funny but that’s what your post reminded me of.

    Pretty frame!

    • katscraps Says:

      The sad thing is that I’ve never seen that entire movie and the parts that I have seen I don’t even remember. lol. (I’m not too sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing). But regardless of whether or not I have seen the movie your comment made me laugh out loud. It was the first e-mail I read this morning and I thought it was so funny that I made Lenny sit down and read it too. So thank you Kristel for making me laugh! I’m glad you enjoyed the frame. 🙂

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I loooove it. Haven’t gotten it yet and now I can’t wait! It’s super cute! I’m going to hang it above my scrapbook area:)

    • katscraps Says:

      I’m super excited that you love it! It’s one of my favorites! I haven’t sent it out yet so you probably won’t be getting it for a little while longer. (I’m sorry) But the second I send it out I’ll make sure to let you know so that you can be expecting it! 🙂

  3. Leelee Says:

    Great website and awesome work!!! I’m so darn proud of you!!!! I’m happy to see that you finally got to it!!! You are so talented!!! Why are you leaving me?!!! Well, now that I know you have a website I will be visiting and getting ideas from you!!! Love you my lil’ friend!

    • katscraps Says:

      ELIZABETH!! I am so happy that you like my blog. You have no idea how much that means to me. It’s nice when someone else who shares your passion enjoys the things you create! It has taken me a really long to get my blog to the point where it is right now, but it was completely worth it!
      Before I move we MUST get together to scrapbook…at least once!! 🙂

  4. Anne Marie Says:

    Haha! When I saw it, I thought of soup! Have you ever seen ‘soup du jour’ on a menu? I guess not 🙂 But that’s pretty great. I’m sure it has more meaning to the French than soup. And your frame IS beautiful…

    • katscraps Says:

      Hahaha! Thanks Anne Marie for your awesome comment. Apparently I am the only one who never knew that du jour meant “of the day”. What a way for me to find out though. 🙂

  5. Paperaddict Says:

    I love this frame and everything else you have posted here. Why don’t you start selling your stuff on etsy.com? You are so talented 🙂

  6. Yamaha Manual Says:

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