Scrapbook Steals!

My older sister Erica purchased a beautiful K&Company 12×12 scrapbook album for me for my birthday this June. I absolutely loved the album, but figured that I could probably get a lot more materials for the money she spent on just the album alone so I returned it back to Michael’s to see what I could get with $16.25 I received in credit. 

Within minutes of being in the store my husband managed to find the scrapbook clearance section (in hopes of speeding up the shopping process, taking into consideration the fact that I am an incredibly slow shopper). I walked over to the aisle thinking that it was going to be the same old outdated materials I’ve seen time and time again, but to my surprise I managed to nab all of this: 

This is a summary of my receipt: 
8×8 paper tablet: $1.99
Rub-ons: $0.97
Chipboard letters: $1.97
Gemstones: $1.47
Fancystix flowers: $0.97 each
Round Pebbles: $1.47
Heart Pebbles: $1.47
Luxury Ribbons: $1.97

Other items not pictured:
foam brush set: $1.99
Travel 12×12 sheet: $0.59

Total (with tax): $16.73

With my credit from the album I literally paid change! If this isn’t a scrapbook steal, then I don’t know what is!


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  1. Album Scrapbooking Anniversaire Says:

    Great cheers for your personal facts

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