Welcome to Wake Forest

Moving from Miami, FL all the way to Wake Forest, NC has definitely been a huge change for us! 

We’ve experienced culture shock to the extreme and we’re loving every minute of it. We feel so blessed to come to a place that is so beautiful and clean; full of life and gentleness. The people here are so warm-hearted and welcoming. We couldn’t have asked for a better transition than the one we’ve received. 

Part of our grand transition came from the help of our friends: Anne Marie, Kristel, and Alex. Without them we probably would have felt completely lost and alone. Thankfully Anne Marie was generous and thoughtful enough to make sure that our grand arrival was met with much care and devotion. 

Anne Marie created this awesome scrapbook for us that contained tons of useful information necessary to survive our first year in North Carolina. It has all of the best supermarkets, all the nearby wifi locations, good restaurants, and even places where we can eat Cuban food. This album really helped to make NC feel like our new home.

Thank you Anne Marie for making our arrival to Wake Forest a very special event! 

Welcome to Wake Forest Album


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