About me! me! me!

Katrina Lynne Goenaga

I am a newlywed and seminary student originally from Miami, Florida (soon-to-be relocating to Wake Forest, North Carolina) who is obsessed, addicted, and completely devoted to scrapbooking. I am a personal assistant to an incredible motivational speaker, Michelle Marchand, but still maintain my job as a housewife and spend most of my days cleaning up after my oh-so-messy, but incredibly amazing husband (Leonard) and our two not-so-tidy, yet absolutely adorable dogs (Jack and Darci). I am actively involved in our local church and live to worship, love, and serve our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Although my life is tiring, I can’t really complain about my job as a housewife because it has given me pleeeeeennty of quality scrap-time (which after four years of my busy undergrad schedule was much needed and greatly appreciated).

I started scrapping in the sixth grade, when I literally thought that scrapbooking  was all about pasting pictures to paper and drawing pretty doodles around them. As time progressed I realized that I wasn’t mistaken about what scrapbooking was, but completely unaware of how much scrapbooking had progressed as a hobby. I quickly caught on to all the new trends and fads and am now attached to, and completely in love with, everything that involves scrapbooking.

Thankfully I have been blessed with an incredible husband and family who are very understanding and supportive of my addiction with scrapping. But sadly enough being supportive isn’t always enough for a scrapper to get her “fix”.

Because my husband and I are newlyweds and money isn’t necessarily falling from the trees, I have been given a “scrapbooking budget”, which consists of a measly $20 a month, which for me is a huuuuuuuge change. I went from being able to blow tons of money on my favorite scrapbooking supplies, to being limited and cautious of what I buy, hence the name of the blog.

Scrapfordable is a place for people just like me who are on a budget, or just plain resourceful, to find the right techniques, ideas, and information on keeping your scrapping chic yet cheap. I hope to demonstrate how scrapbooking can still be amazing and fun now matter how big or small your budget.


2 Responses to “About me! me! me!”

  1. Stephanie Diago Says:

    Thanks for getting me hooked to scrapping. I always wanted to find something that was art and entertaining and easy to do..remember the good ole days in school when we would have art class? Something like that and I found it. Thanks for helping me open up to new ideas.

    • katscraps Says:

      No problem! Scrapping is one of my ultimate sources of happiness and it’s even better when you have friends to do it with!! Thanks for being my scrappin’ buddy!

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