What is scrapbooking and what is it all about?

If you were to ask me these questions now I might say something along the lines of: scrapbooking  is the addictive hobby of creating detailed and beautiful layouts, pages, and projects that document your most precious memories. But if you had asked me this question ten years ago I might have just simply said: scrapbooking is the best and most meaningful way to preserve and cherish your memories. 

Scrappers, myself included, often forget the true meaning of scrapbooking and tend to get caught up in the latest trends, fancy tools, or most popular products. We get distracted by all of the glitz, glam, and oh-so-cute goodies that scrapping has to offer and forget the real reason why we started scrapping in the first place: to leave behind a legacy.  

I often remind myself that scrapping is not about having the most up-to-date layouts or keeping up with the latest trends; it is about creating a piece of art out of the memories that mean so much to you and your loved ones. Scrapbooking has no rules and you most definitely do not have to “color in the lines”. Scrapbooking is whatever you want it to be. That is the beauty of this obsession; it has no boundaries, it is simply a release.

My scrap-o-logy is to create a piece of  happiness out of my memories. It doesn’t matter what form that creativity comes in, as long as it brings me happiness. Scrapping doesn’t have to be elaborate or professional to be good, it just has to come from the heart.

So, what is your scrap-o-logy?

Remember, there is no wrong or right in scrapbooking, just focus on what matters most to you and what brings you and your loved ones the greatest happiness.

These pictures below are the perfect example of scrap-o-logy in action.

My husband made his first scrapbook in October of 2008 as a wedding present to me. It was his first attempt at creating art out of memories and it was honestly the best gift he has ever given me. This scrapbook is a daily reminder that scrapbooking isn’t all about the look of the pages,  but about the feelings, emotions, and love that go into creating this very special piece of art.


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