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What Goes Around Comes Around

February 5, 2010

{Yarn Wreath Love <3}

This past December I met up with my friend Kristel & to make yarn wreaths. I was itching to fit in some crafting time & I was so thankful that I finally did, because I think I may have found yet another craft that I could become absolutely obsessed with. Making yarn wreaths is incredibly easy & fun. Kristel found the directions online & we went from there. Although the steps are rather time consuming I personally enjoy using the time to think or to catch up on some TV, or in my case my favorite television series on DVD. Within that same week of making my first yarn wreath, I managed to make three more and get through Season 1 of Prison Break. A great combination by the way: criminals + yarn = an incredible evening <3. If you like what you see, let me know. I would love to see if I could possibly make some profit off of my hard work so let me know if you think someone, somewhere would buy a yarn wreath made specially by me.

{Bye Bye Birdie Yarn Wreath}

{Pom’s & Berries Yarn Wreath}


gifts galore!

May 18, 2009

May seems to be full of birthdays!! For the past few weeks I have felt like a little elf during Christmas time, stuck in my tiny workshop preparing gifts for some very special people.

I am glad to say that being a little elf has paid off and I have created some one-of-a-kind creations to celebrate those “not naughty, but nice” people. I am also very thankful to say that both gifts were incredibly scrapfordable! Each frame cost me only $1.00 from Michael’s and I had most of the embellishments lying around my scrap space. But by the look and detail of each frame you would never even guess that they were so cheap! This little spark of creativity has encouraged me to create more little gifts and frames. So stay tuned for more little knick-knacks, but for now enjoy what I’ve got so far.

This first gift was created to celebrate my friend Kristel’s birthday. Since I am currently obsessed with everything Heidi Swapp I couldn’t help but make an all black and pink frame. After making the Mother’s Day frame for my mother-in-law in black, white, and pink I realized just how much I adore that color combination. I love the fact that it looks sophisticated, yet sassy. (The perfect combination for a girl my age!)

Kristel's Frame

Materials: patterned paper (g.c.d. studios); floral embellishment (Prima); rub-ons (Heidi Grace); stamp (stampology); button; bracket embellishment (colorbok); ribbon (Basic Basic); paint (Making Memories); ink (Jo-Anne Fabrics);

Kristel's Frame Detail Kristel's Frame Detail

The second gift was created for my best friend Ana’s birthday. Ana is one of my most “eclectic” friends so of course she didn’t want just any normal frame; she wanted something completely different. There were only two things she wanted for her birthday gift: a shadow box and Martha Stewart’s Animal die cuts. A strange combination from a strange girl. I went to Michael’s on my search for her request and instead of a shadow box found the $1.00 frame and decided that it would do. I was paranoid that her frame would end up looking like a gift for a four-year-old, but in the end I was surprised to find that I actually liked it more than I expected. It could possibly be a gift for a four-year-old, but it definitely suits Ana and her crazy personality. So in the end it worked out and it’s actually pretty cute.

Ana's Frame

Materials: patterned paper; animal embellishment (Martha Stewart); ribbon (Basic Basic); paint (Making Memories); chipboard letter (Jo-Anne Fabrics);

Ana's Frame Detail

“Scrapbook King”

December 27, 2008

img_06241I was delighted this Christmas when my husband surprised me with a very special gift. For the very first time in his life he completed a scrapbook page (a pretty impressive one too for a first-timer)! He tried his very hardest to incorporate all of the techniques and styles that I enjoy most, such as: inking, stamping, using eyelets, sewing, and of course buttons! It was the cutest thing. It reminded me of why I got into scrapbooking and the meaning behind the memories. But what made it so special was what he wrote…

“My love, I am your scrappin’ king and with you as my scrappin’ queen, we will rule the lands of scrapping with justice and good favor. I look forward to the times we will spend exploring the lands and keeping colorful order. I love you with all of my heart and support you in everything and anything you do (no matter how many shapes, colors, and embellishments it has). As your king, I support you in any quest you take and will promise not only to take those quests with you, but to make them more fun at that! Onward, to scrapbooking VICTORY! Your Froggy King, Sir Leonard O.”

First step in scrapbook victory: find your scrapbook king and make sure he supports you in your scrapbook victories. (Trust me, it makes scrapbooking much more enjoyable and completely rewarding.)

Second step: find your inner scrapbook queen and let her ideas and inspirations run wild.

Third step: conquer the lands of scrapbooking and make them your own. Be daring, take risks, and never be afraid to try new things.

Soon enough, you’ll be on your way to scrapbook victory!